In order to acquire a secret weapon, a player may forego a roll on the SPP table and instead purchase a secret weapon. Once a player has purchased a secret weapon, they will never give it up as there's something beautiful about a weapon that makes it so hard to part with. The costs and penalty rolls for all secret weapons are shown on the Secret Weapons Table, along with the players that are able to purchase the weapons. Once a player has purchased a weapon, they may not gain additional skills except where noted.


Weapon Cost Available Players Penalty Roll
Ball & Chain   Goblin Fanatic 8+
Blunderbuss 30,000 Chaos Dwarf Longbeard, Dwarf Longbeard, Dwarf Runner 10+
Chainsaw 60,000 Chaos Dwarf Longbeard, Chaos Warrior, Dwarf Longbeard, Dwarf Runner, Goblin Lineman, Human Lineman, Orc Lineman, Outlaw Lineman, Skeleton Lineman, Zombie Lineman
Explosive Bomb 50,000 Chaos Dwarf Longbeard, Dwarf Longbeard, Goblin Lineman 8+
Net 50,000 Goblin Lineman 8+
Pogo Stick 20,000 Goblin Catcher, Goblin Lineman, 10+
Poisoned Dagger* 10,000 Amazon Linewoman, Dark Elf Lineman, Dark Elf Witch Elf, Human Lineman, Munchkin Lineman, Nippon Lineman, Nippon Ninja, Outlaw Lineman, Skaven Lineman, Skaven Gutter Runner 10+
Tank   Dwarf Deathroller 7+
*Players with this weapon may continue to gain skills


Ball & Chain

Players with Ball & Chain do not have a tackle zone and are only allowed to take Move actions. No player may block a player with a Ball & Chain. Ball & Chain players cannot be used to assist other players in a block. The move action for a Ball & Chain player must be taken in full. The coach can select the direction for each square of movement separately but must roll using the throw-in template to determine the actual square moved into. Any player in the square that the Ball & Chain player moves into is automatically blocked by the Ball & Chain player. The Ball & Chain player is not required to make dodge rolls. Should a player with a Ball & Chain fall over for any reason, they must consider all Stunned results as being Knocked Out.


A player with a Blunderbuss may take a pass action using the Blunderbuss weapon instead. To use the Blunderbuss, nominate a square anywhere on the field. Roll a d6: 1-3 it scatters in exactly the same way as a kick-off, 4-6 the ball is bang on target and may be caught by a player in the target suare in the same way as an accurate pass. A pass from a Blunderbuss counts as a completed pass. If the ball is not caught by a player on the moving team then a turnover occurs. After the blunderbuss has been used it may not be fired again until after touchdown is scored or half ends.


A player can't enter the field with a running chainsaw, it must be started before it can be used. Starting a chainsaw counts as a full action for a player. A turnover does not occur if a chainsaw fails to start. To start a chainsaw, a player must make a successful AG roll with 0 modifier so an AG 3 player must roll 4+. A player may attempt to start a chainsaw once per turn. A player armed with a running chainsaw may never catch or carry the ball, and must drop the ball if he has it. A player armed with a chainsaw is allowed to use it to attack other players instead of making a normal block. A block with a chainsaw does not use the block dice, instead an Armour roll for the victim adding +3 to the score. If the roll beats the victim's armour value then roll for injury as normal. If the roll fails to beat the victim's armour then the attack has no effect. A player armed with a chainsaw may take part in a foul on a prone player and adds +3 to the dice roll instead of the normal +1. A running chainsaw is a dangerous thing to carry around, and so if a player holding a chainsaw falls over for any reason, the opposing coach may add +3 to the Armour roll to see if the player is hurt. A player with an active Chainsaw can not use any skills.

Explosive Bomb

A player with an Explosive Bomb may throw it during the team's turn. This does not count as the team's pass action. A player with a bomb may not move when making the throw as they must instead set the fuse. When lighting the fuse, the player must roll d6 with a 1 resulting in a premature explosion. A bomb may be intercepted or caught. A player who catches or intercepts a bomb may throw it out of the normal sequence of play. To do so they must roll d6 1-3 the bomb explodes in the square that it is in, 4-6 the bomb may be thrown again. If the bomb is not caught or is in a square in which a player elects not to catch it then it scatters one square and explodes. Any player in the same square as a bomb that explodes is knocked over. Any player in an adjacent square to a bomb that explodes is knocked over on 4+. All players knocked over must make armour rolls as normal.


A Net is a secret weapon that can be used to entrap an opposing player. A player with Net may only use their weapon once per drive. A Net may be used instead of a normal Block or Blitz action. The player with the Net must make an AG roll to hit the target. The target is permitted an AG roll with a -3 modifier to evade the Net and render it harmless. Any player caught by a Net may not move and loses their tackle zone but may take all other actions as normal. A player caught in a Net may make a ST roll with a -2 modifier each turn with success removing the Net from the player, this counts as the player's action for the turn.

Pogo Stick

A player equipped with a pogo stick may exert up to four squares each turn. In addition, a player with a pogo stick may leap over occupied squares in exactly the same way as if he had the Leap skill as many times as they desire up to their movement maximum.

Poisoned Dagger

A player armed with a poisoned dagger may use it to attack another player instead of throwing a block at them. To use a dagger, make armour roll for the victim. If the score is less than or equal to the victim's armour value than the attack has no effect. If the score beats the victim's armour value then they have been stabbed by the dagger and an Injury roll must be made. The poison means that any Stunned result automatically turns into a KO. Once the dagger has been used to succesfully stab a vicitm (ie, they failed their Armour roll), then the poison is wiped off and the dagger causes injuries as normal until after a touchdown is scored or the half ends.


A tank is an armoured shell in which a player can operate. The Tank player never needs to dodge. Any fouls committed by a Tank have a +4 bonus to the armour roll. If a Tank is knocked over for any reason the minimum damage is Badly Hurt.