Team Selection Rules

The only player type available is Human Lineman. The only way to get other players is to purchase them via Da Krush or from other coaches.

Da Krush takes place before every season and involves a bidding process for the players available in da krush. Any players that are not assigned teams will become freebooters and so available for hire as a one-off purchase.

Maximum starting Fan Factor is 9.

Maximum team re-rolls is 4 at any stage though temporary re-rolls or other effects may boost this.

Wizards may not be hired though some may become available at a later stage through da krush.

Assistant Coaches, Cheerleaders and Apothecaries may be hired as normal.

There is no team rating system.

All Reroll are subject to an upkeep roll of 2+ on a d6 at the end of each season.

End of Season

The team with the worst record at the end of the season will get first pick in the next season da krush. They can select any player from those available so long as they can afford to purchase them.

At the end of each season, every player with a niggling injury may retire. Roll d6 for every niggling injury that the player has, a 1 indicates that the player retires. You may add an additional ex-pro coach to your roster.

A player may also retire as a result of the injuries they have suffered in their career. Roll d20. A score equal or less than the number of games the player has missed in their entire career means they retire, you may add an ex-pro coach to your roster.

If a player has been left out of the starting 16 for any regular season match, they may become disaffected. Roll d8 for any such player, a score equal to or less than the number of games that the player has been dropped for that season results in the player leaving the team. Any player who leaves a team as a result of disaffection will enter Da Krush for the following year.

All coaches may retire at the end of each season. Roll d6 for each coach, where a number less than or equal to the number of years that the coach has been part of the team indicates that the coach has retired and must be removed from the roster (a 6 counts as an automatic success). Ex-pro coaches will only retire on a d6 roll of 1. Ex-pro coaches that have been promoted to a positional coach are treated as positional coaches but the first two years as a positional coach count for 1 total year.

Each player may also age and must roll 2d6 and score equal to or more than the number of years the player has had in the league plus the number of skill rolls they have had.

If the player fails to make the aging roll, another 2d6 roll is required.

Roll Result
Roll Twice
-1 AG or ST*
Niggling Injury
Lose 1 Skill
-1 MA
-1 AV
No Aging

*Whichever is higher or random if equal

Any player with more than 51 SPPs must also roll on the Quirks table.