Scarbringer Savages 1-0 No Talent All-Stars

Week 2 16/08/03

Referee: Kim "Melted" Nelson

Weather: Drizzle

Gate: 31k

The biggest upset in league play so far occured at The Savage Land when the All-Stars were defeated 1-0 through a combination of good attacking play from the Savages, an imbalance of fortune and the intervention of a dramatic rainstorm. At the opening of the game, a light drizzle blew across the field from the south-west as the typically inclement weather at the Savage Land proved only a minor annoyance. With the home side winning a somewhat dubious coin-toss and electing to receive, the game was on with most pundits expecting the All-Stars to pick up their first win of the campaign.

The early play was surprisingly not that physical with only a few blocks thrown as the teams felt each other out. Skaven Thrower "Fur" Tooth took up the running for the home side and made the pocket behind the front line. Danger threatened with Human Lineman Kirk Angel managing to breach the flank and reach the ball-carrier but the pocket was cemented when Hawkfing's Curse struck causing the hapless Angel to fall just a yard short of a possible tackle. Once inside the pocket, it almost seemed as if "Fur" Tooth didn't know what to do with the ball as he and his protectors simply did their best to foil the attacks of the All-Stars rather than attempt to make any headway themselves. The protection was strong though with not a single hand laid on the patient Fur.

The reason behind the patience erupted just over half way into the first period when the home side finally managed to break a couple of receivers past the All-Stars lines. Skink Catcher Stinky along with Dark Elf Blitzer Sirius burst free and headed straight towards the end zone. Miraculously Fur was able to pick out Stinky with a glorious 7 yard pass over the heads of the on-rushing blitz. The melee around Fur's pocket had drawn in all but two players so when Sirius struck a stunning blitz on one of the covering players, Aenarion Swift the Wood Elf Lineman, it was essentially a two on one for the Savages just yards from the end zone. Covering Human Blitzer Jack Hour was unable to bring Stinky down leaving the Skink with a clear run in from about five yards to pick up the Savages first touchdown of the season.

It has often been surmised that the Savage Land itself plays for the Scarbringer Savages and this was further emphasised when the light drizzle turned into a thunderous rainstorm just as the All-Stars were set to receive the ball from the kick-off. Undoubtedly, this extreme turn in the weather went a long way to deciding the outcome of the match as it proved extremely difficult to lay a hand on the ball, movement was hampered and there was no way to be able to make exerting efforts through the rain. With High Elf Thrower Thaleus Thunderarm still out following a crunching blitz from Horny Wildman during the first game of the season, thoughts turned to the possibility of a dramatic Savages victory.

In the absence of Thunderarm, Aenarion Swift took the kick-off well while Jack Hour ran as fast as was possible down the home side's left flank. In the advserse conditions, it was unsurprising that Swift was not able to find Hour with an accurate pass but none of the defensive line were able to track back quick enough to put pressure on the ball. Unfortunately for the away team, the ball squirmed from Jack Hour's grasp and the chance to equalise before the end of the half was missed, primarily due to storm which almost amounted to a flash flood.

The opening to the second half promised violence. All-Stars Ogre Kaneris N'Gillthrog badly hurt his Rat counterpart The Claw within seconds of the kick-off only to see Norse Lineman Samuel Magnusson receive equal treatment from Skaven Femur Slink in revenge but those two incidents were the only ones of note during the second period. The weather conditions inevitably made play extremely difficult and the All-Stars found it hard going. Every yard had to be dragged out as the Savages filled the gaps in the field. The play was turgid and slow to the extentthat when the final whistle was blown, the All-Stars had still not managed to reach the end zone despite the Savages noteven being able to attempt a single tackle. The rainstorm had spoiled what could have been a decent second half and ruined the All-Stars chances of being the first away team in the Western Conference to avoid defeat.



Key Stats

Team CAS Blocks Downs Rush Pass
Savages 1 40 24 13 7
All-Stars 1 36 15 14 0

MVPS: Pete O'Stool, Grak Hedsplitta

Best Players

Stinky: 1 TD, 1 Rush for 5 yards, 1 Reception for 7 yards, 1 Block, 1 Dodge, 1 Fall. 1 Stand
Kaneris N'Gillthrog: 1 CAS, 12 Blocks, 8 Downs, 1 Fall, 1 Stand
S'lip D'isc: 8 Blocks, 8 Downs, 1 Stand