Sami "The Hoop"

Sami "The Hoop"
Sami "The Hoop"
Team KoPite MuGaz
Seasons 2003-2004
Race Norse
Position Catcher
Class 2006


Sami "The Hoop" has been described as the first great receiver in the AD Blood Bowl League. Acquired by the somewhat unfancied KoPite MuGaz in the initial draft auction after attracting little interest from other sides, Sami exceeded expectations and became a key member of the Mugaz side that lifted the inaugural championship in 2003. He led the team with 6 TDs during that year. Primarily featured as a receiver, Sami led the league in 2003 for receptions, reception attempts, and reception yardage. His reception yardage total of 48 for the regular season, eclipsed the next highest total of 19. It was not just the skills as a catcher that made Sami stand out though, it was also the physical edge that he was able to bring to his game. His scoring and receiving ability was backed up by the inflicting of 2 career Casualties as well as 2 career Tackles to go with an impressive knockdown ratio of 0.769 in 2003, and 0.707 throughout his career. Named to the all-pro team in 2003, Sami was recognised as one of the best players to emerge from the draft auction. Unfortunately his career was cut short when he was killed on the field in week 3 of 2004 by Zzharg Zzhargson of the Mutineers, the very side that the Mugaz had defeated in the 2003 championship game. Sami was still the most decorated player to die in the line of duty when he became the first player inducted into the AD Blood Bowl League Hall of Fame in the class of 2006.


Blood Bowl Champion 2003, ADA West Conference Champion 2003, All-Pro 2003, All-ADAWest 2003, Most Receptions 2003, Most Reception Attempts 2003, Most Receiving Yards 2003

Career Stats

13 Matches, 22 SPPs, 6 TDs, 2 CAS, 10 Rushes for 87 Yards, 9 Receptions from 10 Attempts for 48 Yards, 41 Blocks, 29 Downs, 0.707 Ratio, 2 Tackles, 5 Dodges, 4 Falls, 13 Stands, 5 Fumbles, 170 Turns

Best Season: 2003

10 Games, 20 SPPs, 6 TDs, 2 CAS, 9 Rushes for 80 Yards, 8 Receptions from 9 Attempts for 48 Yards, 30 Blocks, 22 Downs, 0.733 Ratio, 3 Dodges, 3 Falls, 12 Stands, 4 Fumbles, 137 Turns

Best Game: vs Wildmen (a) 2003

A key match that secured the Mugaz surprise progression to the 2003 post-season.

2 TDs, 1 CAS, 1 Rush for 6 Yards, 2 Receptions from 3 Attempts for 19 Yards, 1 Block, 1 Down, 2 Dodges, 1 Fall, 2 Stands