Player Skills Errata/Clarification

MA Cap: No player may have an MA greater than 9. This includes the acquisition of skills such as Very Long Legs but does not include temporary effects resulting from the use of a Special Play Card for instance.

It is permissible to make a pass to an empty square though this is likely to result in a turnover.

A turnover does not occur if a player attempts but fails to catch a bouncing ball.
A turnover does not occur if a player fails to make a complete throw but it is caught anyway before bouncing.

A pass will fumble on a natural or a tackle-zone modified 1.

Do not roll for armour when a player falls due to failing an exert.

When using a blitz action, a player must attempt to pick up the ball at the point at which they enter the square containing it.

A player may not move after they have thrown or handed off the ball.

A player may only use each of their skills once per turn.

Re-rolls may not be used for any activity that does not affect the player using the re-roll e.g. AV rolls including when fouling.

Physical Abilities must be rolled for and cannot simply be selected. A player can only roll on a set of abilities if they can normally take that form of skill.

d16 Mutation
1 Big Hand
2 Claw
3 Extra Arms
4 Extra Leg
5 Foul Appearance
6 Horns
7 Hypnotic Gaze
8 Mace Tail
9 Prehensile Tail
10 Regeneration
11 Spikes
12 Stunty
13 Tentacles
14 Two Heads
15 Thick Skull
16 Long Legs
17 Ethereal
18 Toughness
19 Reroll
20 Reroll