League Rules Errata/Clarification

Assists may only be made by players in the tackle zones of both (multiple block is a special case) players involved in the block/foul.
Squares with opposing players take equal priority to empty squares for pushbacks. Players may not be pushed into squares containing prone players or members of the blocking player's team.
Illegal Procedure is not used, it is up to the referee to make sure the correct turn is being played. Note; the ref should make sure that no team is attempting to take advantage of not moving the counter.

No player may assist a foul if they are in the tackle zone of an opponent.

Sigurdís Injury Table is in effect.

Team creation/buying new players occurs using League Rules. This includes the possibility of players retiring.

A new Weather Table is in effect

A new Kick Off Table is in effect

There are League Rules for Coaching Staff.

Team Ratings are not used.

The post-match Fan Factor table is modified by Ė1 for every 10 Fan Factor.

Serious Injuries are dealt with under League Rules.

The winnings table is modified to allow +1 for every 20k gate beyond 75k and every 40k beyond 155k.

Referees will be on the pitch.

Stadium Improvements can be taken.

Every player action will be noted. Should a coach deliberately make two actions with the same player or take an action/dice roll that is not permitted, that shall be deemed Illegal Procedure.

Secret Weapons may be purchased.

The following schedule is used to determine the position in which a team finishes the season:
1)	Total points
2)	Head to Head
3)	TD difference
4)	TD scored
5)	Roll d6

Each team is assessed for position within their Conference before the team is assessed for position across the league

Immediately subsequent to selection of Special Play Cards, the referee must scrutinise the cards held by both players without divulging any information on their content. Whenever a coach plays a Special Play Card, the referee may opt to validate that card as being one that was legitimately drawn at the correct stage of the pre-match sequence.

All players must touch each square they enter. Failure to do so requires that the player must make an exert roll for every square that they should have entered but didnít.

Any player that moves more squares than their MA allows must make an exert roll. If a player moves more than is permitted by exert rolls, they are placed back into the last square they could legitimately enter and automatically fail their exert roll.

A coach may not take back the movement of any player once that player has left a tackle zone during that turn. A player may be moved back at the request of the opposing coach if the player has not fulfilled their movement obligations such as failing to make a dodge roll to leave a tackle zone.

A team may not have more than eleven players on the pitch unless circumstances specifically allow them to do so. If a team sets up more than eleven players, the opposing coach may call a 12 Men Penalty once the set-up of the team with 12 players is finalised. One randomly selected player on the pitch is sent off (modify as standard) and the set-up must be recommenced.

All trades must be approved by League Offices.

The Bankruptcy card means that all current funds including from this game are frozen until after the season.

The Peaked card affects a random player from the team the card is played on.