The following rules represent the coaching staff that may be purchased.  Note all coaches may elect to retire at the end of 
the season.  Roll d6, if score is equal or greater than the no of years that the coach has been part of the team, they will 

Assistant Coaches

Standard, (10k) As described in the Death Zone playbook. Ex-Pro, may not be purchased. An ex-pro is a retired player. Any players who retire can be added for free to that teamís roster. Positional, (40k) no team may have more than 2 of these coaches. These coaches provide the team with a special coaching re-roll once per game based on their speciality. This is automatic during home games but requires a 4+ to be successful in away games. - Blocking: Allows a re-roll of any set of block dice - Passing: Allows a re-roll of any pass or catch dice (including hand-offs but not interceptions) - Rushing: Allows a re-roll of any dodge or exert dice - Fouling: Allows a re-roll of any armour roll on a foul - Handling: Allows a re-roll of any attempt to pick up a stationary or bouncing ball You may promote an Assistant or Ex-Pro Coach to a positional coach role. Cheerleaders Cheerleaders may be purchased at a cost of 10k each. For every five cheerleaders on a teamís roster, that teamís Fan Factor is increased by 1 for each home game. Apothecary 50k. At the end of the game, an Apothecary may attempt to cure a Seriously Injured or Dead player with 2+ on d6. No team may have more than one apothecary. Groundstaff 50k, enables the team to reduce the pitch condition. Before each match, the coach may pay up to 50k to the Groundstaff. Roll d6 after payment and multiply by 10k. If the total is equal to or less than the amount paid, the team may reduce one pitch condition level by one place. The team may not reduce each pitch condition type by more than one place though teams may make multiple attempts to achieve the reduction. Groundstaff can relay the pitch back to 0 for all pitch conditions at a cost of 250k - roll d6 to determine how many weeks (inc the current) that this takes.