Joanie Brawler

Joanie Brawler
Joanie Brawler
Team Tempo Ray Mutineers
Seasons 2003-2006
Race Amazon
Position Linewoman
Class 2008


Joanie Brawler was a ruthless player. As a key part of the very successful Mutineers side, she was the team's dedicated mopper of bodies. While other players were putting in the hits and moving the opposition out of position, Brawler was utilising her expert skills to stamp on those unfortunate enough to fall in the way. She was the leading fouler of her era, topping the fouling charts in 2004 and 2005 as well as taking second in 2003. The Amazon was a crucial element of the Mutineers play and was often the primary instigator of violence for the side in their Funeral March to glory.

Joanie Brawler was in the dominant Mutineers side that won the ADA East in each season she participated as well as taking the championship title in 2004. For her dirty play, Brawler was named All Pro in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Brawler racked up a franchise-leading 13 Casualties in her career and at the time of her induction into the Hall of Fame remained the leading Fouler of all-time with 37.

It was not just the damage expertise that Brawler brought to the game though. Despite committing 37 Fouls she was sent off only 4 times. The Linewoman was also able to contribute in other ways with a knockdown ratio of 0.636 and 3 career Touchdowns including 1 in a losing effort during the 2006 final. In the season following her retirement, the Mutineers failed to win the ADA East for the first time outlining her importance to the team and the impact she made during her Hall of Fame career.


Blood Bowl Champion 2004, ADA East Conference Champion 2003-2006, All-Pro 2003-2005, All-East 2003-2006, Most Fouls 2004-2005, Most Damage 2004-2005

Career Stats

36 Games, 40 SPPs, 3 TDs, 13 CAS, 4 Rushes for 32 Yards, 1 Reception Attempt, 33 Blocks, 21 Downs, 15 Dodges, 2 Falls, 9 Stands, 4 Fumbles, 37 Fouls, 30 Damage, 4 Sent Off, 264 Turns

Best Season: 2003

8 Games, 10 SPPs, 2 TDs, 2 CAS, 2 Rushes for 19 Yards, 12 Blocks, 9 Downs, 1 Dodge, 1 Fall, 2 Fumbles, 10 Fouls, 10 Damage, 1 Sent Off.